Beta for Sirius Black Fest fic

Hi, looking for a beta for my (~4300 words) Sirius/Narcissa one-shot. Mild angst, mild smut, general House of Black darkness.

Rating: R
Pairing: Sirius/Narcissa, with mentions of Lucius/Narcissa, Sirius/Remus, and Sirius/Mary Macdonald
Warnings: Cousin incest, underage sex, implied domestic violence
Deadline: October 25
Need Help With: The fest requires a beta, so I'm mostly looking for a second set of eyes to catch errors, inconsistencies, confusing language, etc. 


Beta for my fest fic.

Pairing: Harry/Draco 

Rating: Unrated but probably PG-13

Warnings: It's a hurt comfort fic, so there may be mentions of suicidal thoughts, etc.

I'm still writing it, but I want it to be finished on Saturday 5th max. Sooner, better, of course, because the deadline is 15th September and I would appreciate to receive a turnaround on 12th September max, to make all the correcctions.

Thanks a lot to whomever decides to help me!

Beta Wanted

I need a beta for a fic for the weasley jumpers fest.

Pairing: Lily Luna/Dean

Warnings: Smut

Length: 1859

Beta Type: spag, flow, plot

First ever entry for a competition, so just want some feedback. Deadline is September 14, but would want a few days for edits. Much appreciated!

Beta Needed for Fest Fic ASAP

Beta needed for Wolfstar Hurt Fest ASAP!

Piece is due on 17th of August. Completed just needs beta’d for spelling, punctuation, grammar and if possible flow.

Rating: M
Content Warnings: suicidal ideation, unspecified mental illness, breakdown of relationship, divorce
Word count: 3693

Thank you

ETA: Beta found! Beta Needed for SSHG Promptfest

Rating: T
Pairing/Gen: SS/HG
Need Help With: SpAG
Deadlines?: 6th of June
Warnings/Contains: None
Other Info:
Help! I will have a fic of around 5k (at 4k now and hope to finish by tomorrow, or almost) to be beta-d - is there anyone who would be interested? It's due by the 6th of June so it's a very short turnaround - I'd be very happy with a quick SpAG review, anything else would be a nice bonus. My e-mail is cdionde at gmail dot com, or you can message me here - I would be very grateful for your help!
Shooting Stars

Beta Needed for SSHG Promptfest

I'm looking for someone to check for grammar and obvious mistakes.  Otherwise I'm good.  This is a short one-shot (under 4000 words) and the rating is PG-13.

Please leave me a message on LiveJournal or you can e-mail me at


**I haven't submitted a story in a few years but was active in the mid-10s.

Beta needed for fest contribution

Pairing: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy

Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Luna Lovegood

Rating: R (max, probably even lower)

Wordcount: probably around 10k

Warnings: mpreg

I would love to participate in the H/D MPreg Fest 2020 and need a lovely, kind-hearted soul who would do me the honour of beta-ing my fic. It is almost finished, 8,500 words so far. It would be my first contribution to a fest and it would make me most happy if someone was so nice as to help me!


beta needed for a wip

Pairing: Bellatrix Black Lestrange/Arthur Wesley; Arthur Wesley/Molly Wesley
Character: Bellatrix Black Lestrange; Arthur Wesley; Molly Wesley, Polux Black etc.
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 2 000+ (just started writing it)
Warnings: infidelity; impregnation; manipulation/deceiving

Hello :) I’ve just been promoted for a special event mini giftfest and started to write a drabble that’s spiralling into a longer fic, for my standards at least. I’m at the beginning and would like to find a beta to help in the whatever capacity they can. As I right now have more of the concept than written down work if you are intrigued you can contact me and I’ll explain my idea so that way you can make an informed decision of joying me. Thank you for the consideration.