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because we all need a little help sometime...
Rating: G
Pairing/Gen: Remus/Severus
Need Help With: spag
Deadlines?: Is due today.

Found :D
I need help for a short drabble (200 words more or less) for a fest that's due October 28.

I just need a quick good check over grammar/punctuation/spelling/word flow.

Rating of fic: PG/PG-13
Pairings in fic: Harry/Parvati (plus other background characters/pairings)
Any warnings about fic content: none
Where to contact you: reply to this entry, PM me or send me an email at Jamdall.fire18@gmail.com


Beta Found
autumn dig
ETA: Found someone. :-)

I know everybody is crazily busy - but I still hope someone (or two) will find the time to help me out!

Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: Explicit/Mature
Need Help With: SpaG and flow, anything you stumble across
Contains: a) mystery, flangst, banter, b) hurt/comfort; both are post-war, slash, and rather plot than porn
Warnings: Author is an ESL
Deadline: Nov 11

Please PM me or comment below (comments are screened). Your help is highly valued! Thanks in advance!

I'll happily trade an alpha read, but as English is not my native tongue, you'll need a SpaG beta on top...
19th-Oct-2016 02:59 am - Found
Need a beta for a fest fic due on the 28th.

Pairing: Sirius/Hermione
Warnings: explicit sex
Length: 1k
Beta type: spag and flow
rating: nc17
12th-Oct-2016 08:03 pm - Urgent Beta Please
Hufflepuff Squirrel
Rating: T
Pairing/Gen: James Sirius/Scorpius (contains minor James/various OCs)
Need Help With: SPAG and flow of the story
Deadlines?: 24th October deadline for the fest
Warnings/Contains: None
Other Info: 7.8k words, canon set but non-Cursed Child compliant. James is 17 and Scorpius is 15 in the story if that's a problem. Please PM me or comment below if you can do it! Thank you!
11th-Oct-2016 12:14 pm - EMERGENCY BETA for HD story
I need an emergency beta for a Harry/Draco story that's 3100 words, NC-17 mostly for SPAG and Brit-pick (if you can).

Editable in Google-docs only.

It's due ASAP.

Please let me know if you can help.
cute gif

I'm looking for a beta for an HD story. 2550 words. NC-17. Editable in Google docs only.

Looking for strict SPaG and mild content overview. (I'm pretty set with the story so I don't want to make too many plot edits). Due date: October 15th.

DIGthewriter @ gmail . com
3rd-Oct-2016 09:16 am - Regular beta for drarry fics needed!
Hey, guys!
I was wondering if one of you English speakers could help me regularly with my fics. I have an on-going fic that is currently on chapter 8, and it is almost finishing, but I wrote it in Portuguese and my first attempt on translating it was a long time ago and I can see SO MUCH horrible mistakes I did. I am re-translating it, and I need someone to give it an eye and help me with brit-picking, general flow and eventual mistakes. It will be kind of a journey, since I'd have to begin from chapter one, but... Is there someone there willing to help me? <3

The fic is a Drarry, bottom!Draco, Muggle au. Draco is a doctor, Harry is a lawyer. It's kind of a family fic, we have Scorpius being cute and Albus as a tiny baby. There's Romione too, and Rose and Hugo. It's very fluffy, slow built, but will eventually have sex (currently writing it).

I really wanted a beta because I want to much to post this fiction on AO3 and LJ, but I don't feel like posting something bad written (or in this case, bad translated).

Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for a beta and britpicker for my Hp fics, please.

Title: Trial of the Heart
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Snape/Lupin, Prev. Black/Lupin
Genre: Drama, Angst
Need Help With: Grammer, Spelling, Character development and Plot flow and development.
Deadlines: None.
Warnings/Contains: AU, Slash, Mpreg
Summary: For almost two decades, Lupin been faithful to his lover Black despite his feelings towards certain Potions Master. However, one drunken night, he gave into temptation and slept with Snape. After the final battle, Snape was declared dead and without Dumbledore's support, Lupin found himself on the run from the new werewolves' laws. One year later, while escaping from the Aurors, Lupin bumps into a very much alive Severus Snape, who has been living in disguise all that time.
Title: Untitled
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Snape/Lupin, and others
Genre: Drama, Angst, Character Death
Need Help With: Grammer, Spelling, Character development and Plot flow and development.
Deadlines: None.
Warnings/Contains: AU, Slash, Mpreg
Summary: Snape survives the final battle but is in a coma for four months. A seventeen-year-old boy shows up at Hogwarts claiming to be his son, much to the shock for Lupin and everyone in the Wizarding world, expect for few selected people. Meanwhile, some people aren't pleased that the Wizengamot had cleared Snape from all charges and wanted to kill the Potions Master and his son as well.

If you are interested in beta-ing either of my stories, please, PM me. thank you
Need a beta for a fic due Oct. 28.
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Need Help With: proofreading; would also love comments on story arc, character arc, etc.
Warnings: Crossgen, underage, explicit. (Harry is portrayed as physically/sexually mature, if that makes a difference.)
Word count: 18K, baby!

If you're interested, please message me (RuinsPlume on LJ) or comment. Will happily beta your explicit slash fic in return. Thank you!
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