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because we all need a little help sometime...
Rating: Teen and up
Pairing: Seraphina Picquery/Percival Graves
Need Help With: spag

Hi! I have a oneshot (around 1000 words), based on the new film "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them" (includes spoilers!)

English is my second language, so I'd love to have someone checking my grammar. All other feedback is naturally welcome as well.
14th-Jan-2017 09:17 am - Found: Remus/Sirius Beta

Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Length: TBC, 2-5k
Rating: Explicit
Due: 14 Feb (but ready for beta soon)
Format: Google Docs prefered, but can do Word.

Warnings: Characters are legal but under 18.

SPaG check is the must have because I type too fast and apparently I have an in built aversion to commas. I also like a beta who can comment and read for flow and rhythm as well as better grammar and general style. I'm a fairly allusionary and allegorical writer so word choice is also important to me and I'm always open to ideas and suggestions for specificty or tone. I'm happy to take comments on characterisation, plot, and clarity but only if you have time.

Edited to add: please feel free to comment here or email me at kitty at kittyaugust dot com.

amazing raccoon patronus
Hi all!
I normally stick to reading, but one particular fest caught my heart and I thought I'd try my hand at writing this time. I'd really appreciate a beta that can help with flow, catching plot holes, html (I know the most limited html possible rn), and grammar. I'm aiming to have my writing all done by the first week in January. Submission is due mid-February. The pairing is Ron / Draco, and it will probably escalate to an E or MA rating. I have 2K words down rn, and I'm thinking it'll go to around 10K?
Thank you to anyone who takes this on! I'm really excited to have an experienced writer's guidance :D
17th-Dec-2016 03:03 am - Found
I need a beta for the rarepair_shorts winter exchange fest. Deadline 21st Dec.

Pairing: Hermione/Sirius
Length: 1k
Rating: PG13
Warnings: fluff

Beta type: spag, flow

I'm looking for a last minute beta for a fluff/rated PG harry/draco story. It's around 3k. Just a quick second set of eyes. Nothing major. Due before Monday.

google docs only. please email me. digthewriter @ gmail . com
1st-Dec-2016 08:02 pm - Snapecase Beta Needed


I need a SPaG, flow and characterisation check for a Snape-centric Marauder's era fic.

It looks to be about 3k long once I get this final major scene done. It's a little plotless and rambling at the moment but no major warnings apply. Some het longing and torment and hints of background R/S.

Google docs is my prefered format.

Please leave a comment or email me at kitty at kittyaugust dot com if you're interested.



Romilda Vane love

I'm in desperate need for a super speedy beta (because the one I had stopped responding) for a Fest Fic due Monday.

Pairing: Harry P./Nymphadora T.
Rating: R/NC-17
Warning: dub-con? explicit sex
Length: Less than 2,000 words
Beta type: Spelling/grammar/punctuation. Flow.

leave a comment or send me a PM if you can do it.
24th-Nov-2016 11:49 pm - Beta Wanted for a Dramione fic.
I need a person to give the fic a quick scan for SPaG, and give me an honest review about the explicit sex scene in it.

And, by 'quick', I mean really quick – I need it before midnight of the 26th.

Rating: Explicit/MA/NC-17
Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger
Words: ~4K
Requirements: As I've mentioned, I need a mere scan and not a thorough editing. Please, please, please be super quick about it!

Be kind, people, pretty please!

22nd-Nov-2016 05:23 pm - Beta needed for H/D!fic
Albus Severus

I need some help with SpaG and flow.
The fic is H/D, +5k, and a bit angsty. A quick turn-around would be awesome, as I already missed the deadline and am straining my extension.

More via PM if you are interested. :-)

Thank you in advance!
21st-Nov-2016 10:09 am - re: beta needed
Good morning. I have a minifest story that needs a beta: Harry/Severus, G/PG rating, ~1100 words, Brit pick mostly.

I think submissions are due today (ack). I apologize for the last-minute, rush request...but many, many thanks to anyone who can do it! :)
It's done -- thank you, anyway.
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